Soft Sell

Unique e-commerce software that allows you to integrate your Ordering, Stock Database, EPOS, Sales Reporting and Products into an entirely bespoke CMS based upon your own business processes. Easy to use, extremely powerful and beautifully designed.

The Client

WovenGround, the UK’s leading online rug retailer. The company has stores in London and Leamington Spa and stocks a vast range of designed rugs and flooring alongside products developed through collaborations with leading designers.

The Brief

The client needed to streamline their business processes with a more robust framework; with better, time-saving content management interfaces; and a back office to allow more members of staff to take greater responsibility in customer service.

Our Solution

A bespoke Magento build for a fully responsive website, with content uploaded and managed through a CMS built in PHP.

This saved Wovenground time and money, by streamlining each of their business processes.

  1. A research and prototyping phase to explore the framework that best suits the brief.

  2. Agile project management including multiple sprints, to efficiently manage the multiple stages of new functional requirements of Phase 1.

  3. A bespoke product order system to manage the order process, from the user's order to delivery.

  4. Custom Apllication Programming Interfaces (APIs), allowing seamless communication between Magento and the new bespoke CMS

  5. Design-Your-Owncapability so customers can create their own rug, and EPOS technologyfor in-store orders placed for them by Woven staff.

Our Response

“We've relished the technical challenges of the Wovenground project. The technical proposal was incredibly ambitious covering completely new ground solution and it's already paying huge dividends for our client. We always try to create something completely bespoke for each project and digital solutions that can help transform a business. Can't wait for phase 2!”

Paul Webb

Creative Director, Everywhere