An A-Z of Haute-Couture

26 brand stories, with huge PR appeal increasing brand loyalty. Broadening it's existing audience through multiple industry channels.

The Client

The iconic French fashion house Chloé. Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, now part of the Richemont group with boutiques across the globe.

The Brief

To celebrate Chloé's 60th anniversary with a digital campaign to compliment the high profile, well-curated exhibition attended by Karl Lagerfeld and fashion's finest, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Everywhere was asked to devise, art direct and build a digital experience to bring the festivities to the world in one exquisite, responsive, online environment – and to tell the story of Chloé while doing it.

Our Solution

We rewrote the brief! Instead of an online version of the exhibition, Everywhere created something unique to tell the story in an appealing digital format. This broadened the brand's existing audience through multiple industry channels.

  1. Reflected Chloé founder Gaby Aghion's use of the alphabet as inspiration for collections and garments. The full alphabet is now available online for users to create and share words and names with – spreading the story and message of Chloé in very personal, unique ways.

  2. Via the complete alphabet, released in 26 brand stories, gradually revealed the overall Chloé story. Released every two days in the lead-up to event, the letters, in playful circles, had massive PR appeal. It created anticipation.

  3. Inspiring and promoting tutorials. Features a 'make section' to promote its tutorials, and inspiring case studies to incite users to share the stories of their projects.

  4. Drew over 50,000 visitors in the first 10 weeks.

  5. A huge part of the Chloé market exists in Asia. We've created a site which supports Chinese, Korean and Japanese translated versions all easily updatable by the client and their international teams.

Their Response

"We loved working with Everywhere. Their strategic thinking, their consistent attention to detail in the prototyping stage, and their general likeability! The design of the digital campaign – it was chic, classic, and very very Chloé."

Patrice Calot

Head of Digital, Chloé