May Roundup

This month Everywhere has:

Started work on the next phase of the pq Eyewear website with Planning Unit, which is due to launch in the summer. It needs to be responsive to reflect the company's growth, and to gear it up for the potential for ecommerce and multiple languages.

Published our thoughts on Medium. There's a post about our agile process, one on what we've been reading lately, and another about how the Steve Jobs ‘active approach' inspires us.

Immersed ourselves in phase two of the BRIK website, which incorporates many learnings from phase one. This'll launch later in the summer.

Launched the Cimmermann site, for which we worked on the UX and design, collaborating with a partner on the build. As the year goes on, there'll be updates to the site as we gather user feedback.

Continued to release weekly updates for Bare Conductive, improving existing functionality and adding new features all the time. We're working on a retainer for the company this year, and it's this kind of long-term relationship that's come to be our preferred way of working.