25 Jun 2015

June 2015 / Everywhere reads #3

This month, among other things, we've been geeking out over business rules and style guides, and dipping into the minds and careers of inspiring creatives.

Here's a few of the links we've been reading and watching in June — and how they've resonated.


Welcome to Project Soli, by Google ATAP

This very inspirational project was released at Google I/O 2015. Worked on by our friends and studio mates All of Us, it's produced by Google ATAP, who we shared a few articles about recently. The project looks at the finesse and movement of the human hand, using radar technology on sensors to capture it for future interaction with our mobiles and tablets. The film will amaze you.


Rules of Business

Slack is a brilliant piece of software that's expanding at an extraordinary pace, and we use it in the studio to help reduce our reliance on email. These five short, insightful good-business-practise bullet points from founder Stewart Butterfield are just the kind of rules we like to absorb, memorise and work to in our own everyday practise at Everywhere.

A List of Style Guides, Brand Guidelines and Front-End Frameworks (More for convenience than anything else)

Since as an industry we're moving towards responsive design and a key part of the design phase is to create and deliver a style guide for the client to sign off, this is a great resource by Earl Carlson of good examples that'll hopefully grow over time.


The Great Discontent

Dipping into the interviews at The Great Discontent on a weekly basis provides always-needed inspiration. Each one is framed by the same questions and it's a great insight into the starting point and career development of creatives including artists, photographers, creative directors, fashion designers, typographers and writers.


24 ways newsletter #4

We're always happy to receive the monthly email from the amazing team behind 24 Ways, and April is no different. We first discovered 24 Ways via their unmissable December ‘advent calendar for web geeks', in which they round up their favourite design- and development-related blog posts of the year. (Also big news: you can now downloaded a full archive of each year's posts right back to 2005).