Everywhere is a digital design studio founded in 2007.
We design and develop useful and engaging websites.


We take digital design and development seriously. Over the past 8 years we've fine tuned our services to ensure we deliver our clients the best possible products.

Strategy + Discovery

Integral to every project is our whole-picture approach. We investigate your business objectives, audience, competitor landscape, and content strategy, before prototyping every vital element in the user’s experience.

  • Workshops
  • Discovery
  • Content
  • User testing
  • User scenarios
  • Information architecture
  • User experience
  • Prototyping

Visual design

We bring digital products and services to life in a way that's irresistible both to look and to use. In this way, our approach to visual design is completely thought-through.

  • Art direction
  • Concepting
  • User interface
  • Style guides


Our custom tech solutions employ the latest and most powerful frameworks, combining simplicity and logic so that everything we create feels intuitive to use. The result? Effortless engagement.

  • Front and back end
  • Web applications
  • API
  • CMS
  • E-commerce
  • QA


Everywhere’s approach is fully agile, and this collaborative methodology is so powerful and productive for digital product and service design that we’ve extended its principles across all our client work.

Agile is about flexibility. It offers the client complete control and transparency, and us a brief that evolves as we work together through the life of the relationship. This flexibility also runs through what we create – although everything is the best it can be, it’s essential that it’s also built to grow.

Our clients

Everywhere works with anyone who needs us, from start­ups to blue chips, cultural organisations to fashion houses.

We’re as comfortable with lifestyle brands as with arts foundations, charities and not­-for-­profits, and we also have established relationships with several educational and governmental organisations.

Knowing our values is the best way of knowing us

First is


Everywhere only works with brands that share its core values.

Then there's


it has to be well conceived, well made, and really good looking.

But as important is usefulness and


To achieve all of this, we


with our clients and their audiences.

Because listening to those we work for - and to those buying into their businesses - is the secret of


Finally there are


our clients, their users, and our team. People are the most important part of Everywhere's work.

Working with us

Great big idea or great big problem, we can resolve it with digital technology. Just get in touch when you're ready - we're here to talk it over any time.